Five-Day Festival Kafkus Hybernská 2024 Will Reveal the Mysterious, Merry, and Mischievous Face of Franz Kafka

On 19–23 March 2024, Campus Hybernská will be transformed into a space based on Kafka’s topology in his prose and diaries and a laboratory searching for the essence of Kafka’s genius. Stage readings, panel discussions, educational workshops, pop-up galleries, site-specific performances, and musical performances will all aim to bring Kafka’s unique mythology to life.

You can look forward to, for example, immersive theatre – in which the spectators move freely in a defined space and can follow the staged situations on the basis of their own decisions or get directly involved in them – and site-specific performance, i.e., production in a space that is unconventional and explicitly non-theatrical. Scholarly discussions, interactive seminars, and other presentations of the scholarly perspective to students, those interested in the work of Franz Kafka, and the general public will become an integral part of the programme.

The opening of the festival will take place on 19 March 2024 at 6:30 pm at the Circular Hub A.0, where a short film called Vítej doma (Welcome Home) by animator Beta Suchanová will premiere. Afterwards at 7:15 pm, a pop-up gallery will open with a guided tour of the exhibition on Franz Kafka entitled Exit. A German band Die Verwandlung will play in the Main Hall E.0 from 7:30 pm.

You may find the programme of the festival on the website of Campus Hybernská.

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