The Elections to the Academic Senate of CU FA Are Approaching

Candidates can submit their nominations until 23 April 2022, the elections will be held online from 10 am on 17 May to 5 pm on 18 May 2022.

You may find more information about the elections here (only in Czech).

At the same time, the election committee would like to urge you to avoid any behaviour during the election campaign that would give rise to suspicion of a violation of the ethical principles to which a member of the academic community is expected to adhere. This includes not only the dissemination of false and misleading information, but also e.g. suggestions favouring certain candidates given by a superior to a subordinate, from a teacher to a student, etc. In the event of a reasonable suspicion of favouritism or discrimination against certain candidates, the Election Committee is entitled to annul the election as per §9/6 of the Elections Regulations of the Academic Senate of the Faculty of Arts.

Note that in accordance with §6/1 of the same regulations, active canvassing on the days of the elections is also prohibited.

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