CU FA Library Reminds the Users: Confirm the Electronic Application for CU Libraries

Regarding the transition to a new library system of Charles University, CU FA Library asks the users to confirm the electronic application for the services of Charles University libraries. The confirmation of the electronic application is simple and will not occupy you for longer than 3 minutes; instructions are below.

Those user accounts, which will not have sent the electronic confirmation before the transition to the new system in August 2021, will not be automatically transferred to the new system. If you still wish to use the services of Charles University Libraries, please, confirm it as soon as possible. The whole process would be significantly simplified and you would help a seamless transition to the new system, if you do so in time.

How to send an electronic application?

On the website of Charles University Central Library, you may find a red button “Electronic application”. After you press the button, your browser will ask you to sign in with your CAS details (Charles University Authentication Service). There, you sign in by filling your details that are identical with all university services (e.g. SIS). After a successful login, an overview of your personal information will show up along with a button “add consent”. When you click on the button, the electronic application is confirmed.

What to do when the button add consent does not show up?

If you have successfully logged in and only the overview of your personal information shows up without the add consent button, it means that you have probably already sent the electronic application in the past and there is no need to do anything else. If some of the necessary information is missing, the application page will highlight it. Attached, you may find links to help you with solving of the given problem.

Do you have another problem with the submission of the electronic application? Are you unable to log in?

Browse through the informative webpage of the Charles University Central Library where you may find a FAQ and a contact for solving issues with the submission.

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