Student Evaluation of the Summer Semester Courses Has Been Launched. The Forms Can Be Filled by 30 May

Anonymous electronic course evaluation takes place from 11 to 30 May. Students of BA and follow-up MA programmes evaluate courses each semester, always near or after the end of teaching. The evaluation is carried out in a unique application anonymously and in an electronic form.

At the beginning of the evaluation, all students receive by email a click-through access directly into the application and the courses, they enrolled in SIS, will show up. They may evaluate them all at once or one by one, fully or partially – unfinished evaluations can be saved and returned to later. You may also log in to the evaluation through You may switch to English in the upper left corner

On the Faculty’s Facebook page, there are several contests during the student evaluation; when the evaluation ends, one student out of each thousand sent forms will be drawn and receives a pack of CU FA representation materials and a book by Faculty of Arts Press.

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