Dean’s proclamation: Charles University’s support of refugees

The Faculty of Arts joins Charles University in supporting refugees from countries where human rights are not respected and where people are oppressed, subject to bullying and repressions. The decision to exempt those refugees who have obtained permanent residence permit in the Czech Republic from paying fees in English-language programmes was made in accordance with the humanistic tradition from which the FA stems and which forms one of its pillars.  Our solidarity with refugees proceeds from the conviction that education is a universal value which should be protected and developed in all societies. At the same time, it should also serve as a reminder that education forms a very efficient tool for integrating  individuals into the society.

By this responsive gesture to the refugees accepted by the Czech Republic, the FA does not lower its high standards for prospective students. A successful completion of the entrance exam is still required for admission, including the English language exam and fulfillment of other requirements of the application process.

Exemption from fees in paid English-language programmes and free accommodation anticipates the difficult economic and social situation of this specific group of students (systematic unemployment, non-existent family and other local networks, foreign environment).

The Faculty of Arts, as part of Charles University, is convinced that by its support of refugees, it acts to our country’s benefit, for educated and integrated foreigners can become not a threat, but a source of significant enrichment to the Czech Republic.

doc. Mirjam Friedová

Dean, Faculty of Arts, Charles University

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