The Institute of Phonetics at CU FA to Open a New Interdisciplinary PhD programme within the Voice Communication Sciences Project

9. 5. 2024

The Voice Communication Sciences (VoCS) project is an ambitious interdisciplinary project in which PhD students will explore the voice from multiple angles. The project will provide the students with a comprehensive training program based on applied linguistic research. A consortium of 21 academic and industrial partners, including CU FA, will collaborate on the project.

The Hour of Truth Initiative Organizes Protest Action Collapse of the System

7. 5. 2024

On 3 June 2024, a protest march drawing attention to the underfunded Czech higher education will set out from Jana Palacha Square towards the building of the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports in Karmelitská Street at 4:00 pm. The event takes place before the planned Chamber of Deputies 2025 budget negotiations.

Dr Orkida Backus Borshi Received Prestigious READ Fellowship

2. 5. 2024

Albanian studies academic from the IECEBS at CU FA received the Research Expertise in the Academic Diaspora Fellowship from Albanian-American Development Foundation along with two colleagues from “Fan S. Noli” University in Korca. Together, they will explore the role of cohesive devices in written academic essays in English and Albanian.

German President Steinmeier Commemorated the Victims of the Tragedy at the Charles University

30. 4. 2024

On 29 April 2024, German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier personally commemorated the December tragedy victims at CU FA. His Czech counterpart, Petr Pavel, accompanied him to the faculty building on Jan Palach Square.

Zuzana Golec Mírová: Secrets of the Moravian Karst

19. 4. 2024

Can you imagine analysing a buried vessel once used to share 150 litres of beer? Or investigating an ancient burial site for elites from the Hallstatt culture in the Moravian Karst? Archaeologist and a PhD student at CU FA Zuzana Golec Mírová has done that and more – making a number of significant finds on her own as well as in broader teams.

The Neuron Expedition 2024 Grant Programme Is Accepting Applications by 20 April

16. 4. 2024

The Neuron Foundation announces the 12th year of the successful Neuron Expedition programme, which supports field research and builds on the glorious era of the explorers Zikmund and Hanzelka. Czech scientists and researchers from all disciplines can receive up to 1 million CZK for their field research anywhere in the world.

Relax with Sport at the Rector’s Sports Day 2024

16. 4. 2024

The traditional sports festival of Charles University is organized this year by the Department of Physical Education at CU FA on 14 May 2024 in Prague, Hradec Králové, and Pilsen. Offering a wide range of activities, the event allows you to learn about new sports, compare skills and performances, and also meet with classmates and colleagues in an informal environment.