Renewal of Academic Life at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University

Teaching and examination for the rest of the winter semester (i.e., until 12 January 2024)

We aim to be as accommodating as possible to students so that those, who can continue in their studies as planned, can do so and those, who cannot, have the opportunity to loosen up their studies. We are currently discussing various options and will promptly inform the students about the result.

Classes are cancelled until the end of the semester (i.e., until 12 January 2024). During the week of 8–12 January 2024, the teachers and students may organize meetings at the discretion of the individual departments and institutes, but they will not be of a teaching nature. These possible meetings are absolutely voluntary for students, departments, institutes, and staff. In preparation for these meetings, psychological and pedagogical instruction and support will be provided to all lecturers.

The examination period will occur according to the Academic Calendar, i.e., 15 January – 18 February 2024. All attestations will be on a voluntary basis. State final examinations will also be conducted on a voluntary basis. Failure to participate in January/February 2024 State Final Examinations will not affect anyone’s ability to complete their studies successfully.

Although different rules and regulations partly govern the study of PhD students, the conduct of their studies will follow similar outlines. One by one, international students will be contacted and informed about the end of the course and the examination period.

The main building of the Faculty of Arts of Charles University

The main building remains closed – mainly for technical reasons – at least until the end of January. All libraries located in the main building will be closed at least until the end of January, and it will not be possible to borrow or return books to these libraries (it will be specified later where they can be returned). Libraries in other buildings of CU FA will be open from the beginning of January during their regular opening hours.

Four Weeks for the Faculty of Arts, Charles University, Will Take Place at Jan Palach Square

Since the main building of the Faculty of Arts, Charles University, will be closed for at least the whole of January, Jan Palach Square will become a gathering place for the whole university community and also the general public. The return of academic life to the square and the main building of CU FA is a necessary part of coming to terms with the tragic event, which has changed the lives of our whole community in a brief moment. The Four Weeks for the Faculty of Arts, Charles University, will hold various events, which are now being prepared.

The existing memorial sites in front of Carolinum and the main building of CU FA will be maintained until 3 January inclusive, after which they will be “carried over” to Jan Palach Square.


All staff and students can access the crisis support service at any time. We continuously expand the offer of support and will address all students and staff of the faculty with group psychological support.

Further information

We are experiencing a large number of enquiries about the incident itself. As per instructions from the police, we are temporarily not giving interviews or other public statements on this topic. Further information will be provided at the Management of Charles University and CU FA press conference on 4 January 2024.

At this challenging time, our thoughts are with you all and the families of the deceased and injured.

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