Text + Work. The Menard Case

NOVINKA V DISTRIBUCI * Tomáš Koblížek, Petr Koťátko, Martin Pokorný (eds.): Text + Work. The Menard Case (FF UK, Praha 2013, 978-80-7308-483-7, 152 s., anglicky, 250 Kč) * The influence and reputation of Pierre Menard, Author of the Quixote, is easily comparable to the impact of groundbreaking theoretical texts. Numerous philosophers, aestheticians and theorists of literature, music, or visual arts have been induced by this short story by J.L. Borges to reconsider the status of the literary work of art, to rethink the relationship between work and text. The essays collected here move from analyses of the identity of the literary work of art, as it is explicitly established by Borges‘ narrator, to arguments that simply employ the Menard case as an opportunity for discussing broader issues of literary studies and the philosophy of literature. Selected essays even abandon the field of literature altogether, moving on to analogous issues in the theory of visual arts and music.