Rage Against the Algorithm

On the anniversary of the “Velvet Revolution,” an international meeting of artists, activists & theorists from diverse backgrounds will take in Prague to discuss & plan strategies & tactics for creative emancipation & insurgency under a global regime of algorithmic control & co-option. Subjects will range from Xenofeminism to Sinofuturism, Accelarationism, Alienism, the Anthropocene, Big Data & the “Technological Singularity.” The three-day colloquium will be accompanied by a group exhibition presented simultaneously with alt’ai (Qiao Lin, Paul Heinicker, Daria Stupina, Lukáš Likavčan).

Event detail

Event start
16. 11. 2018 18:00
Konec události
18. 11. 2018 22:00
Dittrichova 337/9, 120 00 Nové Město, Prague (Galerie Display)
Event type
KREAS, Workshop