Brigid Meets Prague 2021

The Centre for Irish Studies at the Department of Anglophone Literatures and Cultures at CU FA in collaboration with Embassy of Ireland Prague, DOX, Argo, and Czech translators of Irish Writing organize a festival Brigid Meets Prague 2021 starting in the week from 1 February. This year’s celebration will be online podcasts featuring a range of Irish female literary creativity.

We invite you to participate and to share your favourite readings of Irish women writers & poets, and we welcome translated texts. The Podcasts will be shared via the Embassy of Ireland Prague’s social media in the Czech Republic and through local and global network.

The first podcasts from the Czech Republic will celebrate Brigid’s Day which marks the beginning of Spring and the dates from ancient Celtic festival of Imbolc, which honoured the feast of the goddess. Brigid is seen by many as a pan-European goddess with links to the Danú and the land of the Danube in southern Germany, and her influence spread across Europe from Turkey to Spain. In ancient times in Ireland, she was celebrated as a goddess north of the River Boyne in Ulster.

You may find more information about the festival here

Event detail

Event start
1. 2. 2021 0:00
Konec události
7. 2. 2021 0:00
Social Medias of Embassy of Ireland Prague
Organizing Institution
Centre for Irish Studies at DALC, Embassy of Ireland Prague, Argo, DOX
Event type
Festival, Social event