International Word Formation Conference Is to Be Held in September 2022

The conference “The Czech Approach to Word Formation in the Context of Slavic Linguistics” is to be held in commemoration of 110 years since the birth and 20 years since the death of a prominent linguist and word formation specialist Miloš Dokulil. On 21-23 September 2022, the Faculty of Arts, Charles University, co-organizes the conference along with the Institute of Slavonic Studies and the Czech Language Institute at the Czech Academy of Sciences.

The event aims to commemorate the prominent figure, Miloš Dokulil, and his work, to evaluate the influence of the Czech conception of word formation on word formation research of others and present the contemporary projects and research of Slavonic word formation that are based on the scientific contribution of M. Dokulil and which enrich and further expand it.

You may find more detailed information about the conference on the official website.