The The Time to Return the Books is Here: The Library Requests the Users to Return the Loans

There are still more than 12 000 books among the users that need to be returned in the following days. The majority of the loan periods are due by 3 July 2020 but some of them have to be returned sooner. Please, read the most important information and FAQ related to the returning of loans at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University.

 Where and when?

  • Return the books in buildings where you have borrowed them.
  • It is not necessary to arrange a prior appointment. You may return the books anytime during the opening hours of the particular building.
  • Return the books either in biblioboxes or to marked boxes by the entrance (Jan Palach Library)

By when?

  • Please, help us – Do not leave the returning of loans until the last possible day! Do not hesitate to return them!
  • Loans due by 18 June were extended for the last time to 3 July 2020.
  • WARNING: The borrowing period of loans due between 18 June and 2 July was not extended!

Do you still need the books?

  • First, try to extend the books by yourself after you log in Charles University Central Catalogue at (same logon as to SIS).
  • If the self-service extension is not possible anymore, the loans need to be brought to the lending desk of the particular library by 3 July (according to the buildings – Jan Palach Library, Celetná Library, Sporck Palace Library). There, the librarian will return them and if there is no reservation on them, they will immediately lend it to you for another period.

Are you not sure when the loans are due?

  • The binding date is the date stated in your Library Card. Please, verify the borrowing period of your loans by yourself. It is simple:
  • Open up the Charles University Central Catalogue and log in with your university details (the same as for SIS). The Library Card will be displayed there. Information on your loans may be found under the link with the number of your loans.

Contact and help

  • If you are unable to log in to your Library Card or encounter any other problem, send us an email to We will help you!
  • Information on the current operation and services of the CUFA libraries may be found on the website here.

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