Campus Hybernská

Campus Hybernska is a joint project of the Prague City Hall and Charles University. It was designed to create a centre for cultural innovation, science, and education. Students, artists, scientists, scholars, creative people, and innovators can meet here with the general public and the executive authorities of the City of Prague.

Based on the newly established partnership with the Prague City Hall in January 2021, the management of the Campus was transferred from the Faculty of Arts to the whole Charles University. In January 2021, the Prague City Hall along with Charles University established a registered institute Kampus Hybernská z. ú.

The building complex in Hybernská 4 hosts events of all cooperating parties – the registered institute Kampus Hybernská was founded by the city, the university, and the strategic project of the university Hyb4City. The registered institute is focused mostly on creative cultural and community events that seamlessly follows up on the character of the previous events such as concerts, theatre, readings, exhibitions, and festivals.

The project Hyb4City supports activities focused on innovation, practical application, and presentation of scientific results conducted by research teams from Charles University and their partners from the Prague academic community.

The programme of the two subjects managing the institute is drawn both in Czech and English.

The specific task of Campus Hyberska is the implementation of what is called the third role of the university, which is the transfer of scientific knowledge, results of research, and education of the general public.

In the complex, there is Hlína café with a cosy yard decorated with plants, Galerie HYB4, Bílá galerie HYB4 (White Gallery), recording studio Wombat, Artivist Lab gallery, Jan Čejka Gallery, the Library of Things, and a Student House, which is maintained by the society Studentská Hybernská. Finally, you may also find there HYB4 cirkulární dílnu (circular saw workshop) and HYB4 čítárnu (reading hall), the programme of which is prepared by the editorial board of the socio-cultural magazine revue Prostor.

KAMPUS HYBERNSKÁ, z. ú., bases its activities on the following five pillars:

  • education
  • culture
  • circular economy
  • civic education
  • responsible manipulation with property


The strategic university project Hyb4City focuses on research, innovation, and the transfer of knowledge and technologies. The project is managed by the Centre for Knowledge and Technology Transfer at Charles University.

Hyb4City team is open to cooperation on the programme with all faculties and departments and institutions of Charles University along with other organizations from the academic sphere and external partners from companies, public and non-profit sector. It organizes several discussions, panels, science fairs, interfaculty contests and courses; both in Czech and English. It is also focused on pupils, students, PhD students, scholars, innovators, artists, developers, and aims to approach the citizens of the city, the academia of the university as well as the professional and general public with its programme.


Address: Hybernská 4, Prague 1 | Map

Email: info@kampushybernská.cz

Phone: +420 778 965 077

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