Information for International Students Accepted in the Academic Year 2017/2018


Dates and Organisation of Enrolment
  • The enrolment is going to take place on 19 and 20 September 2017. During August, you shall receive more detailed information concerning the organisation of enrolment via e-mail. Should you be unable to attend the enrolment on the given day for serious reasons (medical, etc.), you will be able to arrange a different date with your contact officer (via e-mail).
  • It is also possible to attend the enrolment via deputy with power of attorney granted specifically for this purpose. The power of attorney does not have to be certified by a notary public, but it has to contain the purpose, i.e. “acting on behalf the authoriser regarding enrolment for study at CUFA”.

At the enrolment, you have to submit the following documents:

  1. ID, for non-Czech nationals this means a valid passport
  2. Two recent passport photographs (3,5×4,5 cm)
  3. Graduates who obtained their MA degrees at other institutions than CUFA:
  • Certified copy of MA diploma, or
  • Certificate of completed MA degree (if the diploma has not been awarded yet). The certified copy will have to be submitted later on, on 31 December 2017 at the latest.
  1. If the regulations require it, graduates of foreign institutions have to submit a certificate of MA degree recognition. Kindly note that the degree recognition process takes certain time and it is advisable to start it well in advance.
  2. Citizens of non-EU states have to submit a valid residence permit (visa or certificate of long-term residence).

Unless all the required documents are submitted, the enrolment cannot be completed!

At the enrolment, the students receive:

  • Certificate of acceptance
  • Certificate of student status
  • INDEX (booklet into which passed exams are marked)
  • Token validating the student ID for the given academic year and CUFA affiliation

After the enrolment, the students have to:

  • Collect their student ID at one of the Charles University collecting points
  • Activate their account in the computer network and sign into the Study Information System (SIS) – CUFA graduates retain their previous accounts with the existing username and password (until expiration date when they have to renew the password)
  • Set up their OCRID ID
ISIC / Student ID

The Charles University student ID is a proof of your affiliation to the university and with a valid token it proves that you are signed up for study for the given academic year. After enrolment, you can collect the student ID at one of the Charles University collecting points. You can find more information about the student ID cards at the Charles University website. There is no enrolment into the higher years of the PhD programme – you only have to collect the token for the given academic year from your contact officer.

Activating the Student Account

Student accounts are administered through the Charles University Central Authentication Service (CAS). In this system, all students set up their passport for CAS and contact information. The password and username can be also used for a number of Charles University applications and libraries. After the enrolment, all students are obliged to activate their account in the computer network and sign up into the Study Information System (SIS). You can find more information about IT support and the computer network at CUFA here.

Research Office and Your Contact Officer

Martina Baslová is the contact officer for students whose surname starts with A-M and is in charge of PhD monthly scholarships. Jana Pavlíčková takes care of students whose surname starts with N-Ž and administers specific purpose scholarships. Kindly address all queries concerning dissertation defence to Romana Jensenová and Vojtěch Šarše. You can find contacts for all Research Office staff here.

Organisation of Study

After enrolment, students create their own individual study plan in the SIS in cooperation with their supervisor. This individual plan is then confirmed by the Subject Board. The progress is recorded at the end of each academic year by means of annual evaluation. To be able to proceed to the next year of study, students have to be in touch with their supervisor and fulfil the obligations listed in their individual study plan for the given academic year. If all the conditions are met, students are able to proceed to the following year of study. There is no enrolment, students are moved to the next year automatically based on a positive evaluation issued by the Subject Board.

Students take the PhD state exam when all the basic requirements listed in the individual study plan are fulfilled. The dissertation is the concluding part of PhD programmes at CUFA, it proves the student’s ability and readiness to carry out independent research activities and its contents have to be original and innovative. In order to be admitted for dissertation defence, students have to pass the PhD state exam and fulfil all the requirements listed in the individual study plan.

Accommodation in Dormitories

If you are interested in staying at Charles University dormitories, kindly get in touch with your contact officer who will send you a form to fill in. You will also have to provide a scan of your passport. If you want to stay at a specific dormitory or have some special requirements (single room, etc.), kindly inform your contact officer as soon as possible. Once your accommodation contract is ready, your officer will send you (by post, to your contact postal address) 2 vouchers, 2 copies of the contract in Czech, 2 copies of the contract in English, and instructions about the deposit (deadline for payment and account information). Afterwards, you will have to communicate with the Charles University Dormitories and Dining Halls Management on your own. You can find the basic information here.