Let’s Help the Library!

Let’s help the Library! (Pomozme knihovně!) is a charitable fundraiser organized in order to aid the restoration of the Mosul University library which has been almost destroyed during the occupation and the military conflict with the so-called Islamic State. The fundraiser is organised by the Faculty of Arts, Charles University, in cooperation with People in Need.  As of 15 January, the fundraiser has managed to collect 201 567 CZK. The fundraiser is going to continue until 31 January 2018.

The central library of Mosul University used to be one of the most important libraries of the Middle East with more than one million documents, including precious manuscripts and old prints. It provided important background and resources for teachers and students. In 2014-2016, the library was the target of systematic destruction. Almost all of the collections have been burned along with the facilities. Mosul was finally liberated in July 2017 and the efforts to rebuild the city started at once. Restoration of the university is an important part of the gradual return to normal life in Mosul. A fully functioning university library is an institution that creates suitable conditions for studying, teaching and research. Quality education is one of the basic prerequisites for achieving and maintaining stability in the Middle East. People are not forced to leave their country if they feel safe at home.  Since July 2017, the university and its library have been trying to start from scratch again. Even the smallest gesture of help counts.

The money raised through the fundraiser will be transferred to the officials of the Mosul University central library. People in Need, one of the biggest and most respected humanitarian organisations in the Czech Republic, serves as the guarantor of the fundraiser and will organize the transfer. The library staff themselves will decide how to use the money.  Most of the resources will be used to restore the building and to make it accessible. Apart from the reconstuction of the building, the money can be used to buy equipment and furniture, to restore surviving books and to obtain new ones.

If you want to help, kindly see the official website for instructions.

Event detail

Event start
2. 10. 2017 0:00
Konec události
31. 1. 2018 0:00
Organizing Institution
Faculty of Arts; People in Need
Event type
Charitable event