Handy Links during the Closure of Libraries

[Updated on 24 March 2021]

Dear users,

in this continuously expanded article, we will gather for you handy links to electronic access to information, e-learning, and alternative teaching possibilities during the present exceptional closure of libraries.

The closure of libraries – practical information

‼️ Library homepage | A quick check of the current operation of the CU FA libraries and all important link can be found on the homepage of the CU FA Library.

‼️Library webpage on the informational coronavirus webpage koronavirus.ff.cuni.cz. All importatnt information on the current closure of CU FA libraries may be found on the Faculty’s webpage with information about the issued measures.

Electronic Information Sources – Basic Tools and Information

Electronical Information Resources | Basic information about eResources on the Faculty’s webpage

Search Engine UKAŽ | university-wide search engine which searches most of the available e-resources for Charles University

eResources Portal of CU | structured list of all available e-resources for Charles University with links to remote accesses to resources

A list of freely available sources (eResource Portal of CU) | a sub-list of freely available sources for the public

eBooks Portal of CU | search engine of e-books available for Charles University

eJournal Portal of CU | search engine of e-journals available for Charles University

List of newly added sources (e-sources portals) | sub-list of new available sources

Digitalization of Charles University | unitary interface of digital collections os Charles University, Faculty of Social Sciences CU, and First Faculty of Medicine CU ( on the Kramerius platform)

DNNT| (tick the box on the access point page – it is an agreement with the site’s conditions) Digitalized collection of more than 100,000 monographs and periodicals unavailable on the market. In the first phase are made available titles with released dates until 1989, later will be added issues until 2007. Collection is accessible on Kramerius platform through signing in by the university account (click „Přihlásit eduID“)

Temporarily Available Resources

‼️ Kramerius – National Library COVID | Similarly as in Spring 2020, the complete content of digitalized titles is again available online to university students, employees, and researchers. Almost 64 milion digital pages of monographs, periodicals, and other documents may be browsed after you log in with a university account via the eduID access point. Available until 30 June 2021.

Oxford Scholarship & SAGE Online | Multidiscipline eBook database with more than 22 thousands titles. Available until November 2021.

Kramerius – Digitální knihovna AV ČR |As the National Library temporarily makes accessible its digital collections to all university students and teacher, the Czech Academy of Sciences Libary makes it available too. More than 200 titles of journals and 5,500 books are online when you log in with your university account. Available while the government’s measures remain valid.

JSTOR Trial | Digital library with collections of e-journals and other collections in addition to the subscription. Available until 30 June 2021.

Other Resources

OAPEN | A digital library containing freely accessible peer-viewed books from the fields of (and not only) humanities and social sciences published by small European publishing houses.

Open Library | A digital library containing full-text eBooks published mainly in the 20th century.

Open Research Library | A multidisciplinary digital library.

Univeristy of Michigan | Open-access tItles from the publishing house of University of Michigan.

World Christian Database |A database providing complex statistical information on world religions, Christian denominations and communities. Available until 31 December 2021.

Production of Karolinum publishing house | Via the ProQuest Ebook Central database, it is possible to access eBooks by Karolinum publishing house.


Distance Learning and e-Learning

Informational website E-learning FFUK (CU FA) |Information on the ways of e-learning and distance learning at CU FA in a single place.

E-learning Support Webpage | Basic information and manuals for e-learning tools available at CU FA.

Facebook group FFUK – elearning | A space for exchange of information and experience with implementing of the e-learning. Anyone can join the group.

Metodická stránka MŠMT | Užitečné odkazy a informace k organizaci distanční výuky

Other Links

Tech against Coronavirus | Continuously updated structured list of tools for electronic communication, videoconferences, and collaborative platforms, etc.

Digital Library of the Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University | Open access to text from the MU FA production.

eLibrary of Goethe Institute | eLibrary of fiction in German, scientific literature specialized on the German studies and selection of German language learning materials.



The list of links is compiled by the CU FA Library

contact: Tomáš Vejvoda, tomas.vejvoda@ff.cuni.cz