Projects at National Level

The national projects running at the CUFA are numerous. The most important provider of grants for basic research projects is the Czech Science Foundation (GA ČR). Every year the Faculty of Arts is the bearer of around 50 such multiannual grants, covering in fact the whole range of fields pursued at the Faculty of Arts. The projects funded by the GA ČR are diverse. Standard GA ČR projects are designed for more experienced researchers working in teams and deepening cooperation with foreign scholars (e.g. the Central-Romani Language Atlas). The GA ČR framework also involves the extension of post-doctoral grants to young researchers at the start of their scientific and teaching careers (e.g. Literary Anthropology – Object and Objectness). A separate category includes special GA ČR doctoral projects aimed at supporting the comprehensive scientific and pedagogical training of doctoral teams from various institutions in the CR and working on common topics (e.g. Doctoral School of Archaeology II, Status of Literary Translation in Czech Society after 1945 or Logical Foundations of Semantics). The Faculty of Arts is also implementing projects in the field of applied research (Stories from the History of the Czechoslovak State: research and experimental development of software simulation for teaching the history of the Czech lands in the 20th century).