The Operation of Libraries during the Transition to the New Library System ALMA

From 1 September, current systems Aleph, Verde, and SFX will be replaced by a new modern library system ALMA.

Due to the transition to the new system, the loan service in the network of Charles University libraries is restricted from 12 to 31 August. We advise you to borrow needed literature for the rest of the summer and the exam period in autumn by 11 August!

Some libraries will offer their rooms and books for in-house study. Simultaneously with the restriction of library services, Charles University Central Catalogue will not be available. Therefore, you have to find signatures of the books you wish to study in-house by 11 August. You may find the opening hours of individual libraries here.

We also ask those, who have not done so yet, to fill the electronic application. By the confirmation of the electronic application, you will be able to further use the services of Charles University services even after the transition to the new system.