The Catalogue of Open Access Journals of CU FA Has Been Published

The catalogue Journals 2021/2022 presents 16 Faculty journals in English that have been published in open access and which electronic editions can be freely downloaded by all users in the PDF format.

Besides the basic characteristics, abstracts, and links to the journals’ websites, there is an overview of scientific online databases where each individual journal is regularly evaluated and made accessible.

The traditional German studies periodical Brücken has become a part of the official open-access journals of the Faculty in 2020; currently, two issues per year are being published. In 2020, the journal Literraria Pragensia has been accepted into Scopus (other excerpted journals are Journal for Modern Philosophy, Estetika, Linguistica Pragensia, Word & Sense, and World of Literature) and CEEOL database. Linguistica Pragensia remains in the evaluation process in the waiting database Web of Science. In 2020, the periodical Studia Ethnologica Pragensia was added to the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ).

The catalogue Journals 2021/2022 also serves as a practical gateway to detailed websites of the journals that are structured according to the archive of open access articles under the licence CC BY-NC-ND 2.0. The archive of the individual issues also redirects to Charles University Digital Repository where more than 2200 individual articles were made accessible by the end of 2020. The websites of the journals provide a complete information service about the journals’ editors, contacts, and the technical parameter requirements for authors who want to publish in them. The websites also have a link to the Faculty e-shop where a printed copy of a journal can be bought.

You may leaf through the magazine HERE.


Journals 2021/2022 (download in PDF)

Faculty of Arts Press

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