Information on Book Returns and the Operation of Libraries

Dear readers,

due to the current high occurrence rates of COVID-19, we ask you to prefer contactless returning of the books to libraries via book drop boxes (see below). We also remind you that you may use the self-check borrowing in selected libraries, pay the overdue fine and charge your credit for printing service via cashless methods, and print from your own devices and USB flash drives.

While in the library, the user still must abide by the stated hygienic instructions:

  • Wearing protection of mouth and face during the whole visit to the library.
  • Disinfect the hands upon entry to the library and study rooms
  • Keeping a distance of at least 2 metres from each other
  • Follow other potential instructions of the personnel.

For the time being, the operation of the library remains without further changes. The situation is developing rapidly, therefore, we recommend following the Faculty’s website and information web


Locations of book drop boxes:

  • The main CU FA building, the foyer of Jan Palach Library, basement
  • Celetná 20, ground floor
  • Sporck Palace, Hybernská 3

If you have any questions, please contact us at

CU FA Library