Diversity of disciplines at the Faculty of Arts and the outstanding quality of research creates a unique academic environment with an impact extending far beyond the Czech context. This is of course reflected in the FA publishing activity. Publications by our staff members often represent the highest standard and serve as basic reference titles in their fields.

For several years now, the flagship of the Faculty of Arts editorial activity, the OPERA FACULTATIS PHILOSOPHICAE UNIVERSITATIS CAROLINAE PRAGENSIS series, has been introducing exceptional works which affirm the prestige of our research. The traditional ACTA UNIVERSITATIS CAROLINAE edition series has been recently joined by the exclusively monograph editions published by the FA Press: Medium, Mnemosyne, Trivium, Fontes, Humanitas and Varia. Besides these regular series, FA Press publishes several representative individual works every year.

The wide range of subjects taught and researched at the faculty is reflected in our journals that are published several times a year, often in foreign languages. The publishing activities of the FA are thematically so diverse and of such outstanding quality that they are able to address both the experts and the lay public. For further information about our books and journals, kindly see the links below. Most of the FA recent production is available online via our e-shop.

doc. Jan Čermák s novým vydáním Kalevaly; foto: Stanislava Kyselová, Akademický bulletin
Recent Achievements

  • Mohamed Ismail Khaled: Abusir XXVI: The Funerary Domains in the Pyramid Complex of Sahura: An Aspect of the Economy in the Late Third Millennium BCE. Prague, Faculty of Arts 2020.
  • Bárta, Miroslav; Bareš, Ladislav; Krejčí, Jaromír; Megahed, Mohamed; Varadzinová, Lenka (eds.). Created for eternity: the greatest discoveries of Czech Egyptology. Prague: Faculty of Arts 2019
  • Pavúk, Peter; Klontza-Jaklová, Věra; Harding, Anthony (eds.). Eudaimón. Studies in Honor of Jan Bouzek. Prague: Faculty of Arts 2018
  • Čermák, Jan (ed.). Kalevala Eliase Lönnrota a Josefa Holečka v moderní kritické perspektivě (Elias Lönnrot’s and Josef Holeček’s Kalevala in Modern Critical Perspective). Prague: Academia, 2014.

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