Syria: What´s going on?

The Syrian conflict has been ongoing for 4 years, claiming 300,000 lives so far and with no end in sight. But do we actually have an idea of what’s happening in the country, and why it all started?

On Wednesday 18th November at the Faculty of Arts (room nr. 200) we will have an opportunity to learn more about this conflict through the words of Alejandro Gutiérrez, who’s going to visit the Faculty of Arts and discuss the Syrian crisis. Alex is a human rights and war crimes researcher who travels to global hotspots – such as Syria, Gaza, Sudan – carrying out researches and investigations on human rights violations, war crimes and crimes against humanity “on the ground”, collecting evidences and witnesses and drafting reports on behalf of NGOs, government agencies and intergovernmental organizations. He has made seven trips to Syria since the beginning of the conflict and will share his experiences with us.

His talk will cover:
• the origins of the conflict
• the daily struggle of civilians living in combat areas, as well as combat-free areas administered by the Syrian government/armed forces and rebel forces
• a discussion of human rights violations and acts of violence committed by SAF (Syrian Armed Forces) and rebel forces
• commenting on the errors and failures of the international community that led to a worsening of the conflict and caused further damages to the Syrian population.

The discussion will be hold in English.

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18. 11. 2015 18:00
Místo konání
nám. Jana Palacha 2, Praha 1 (místnost č. 200)
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Studentská rada FF UK
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