Přednáška kognitivního lingvisty Jošihisy Nakamury

The lecture intends to provide basic theoretical and methodological knowledge in the area of cognitive linguistics focusing on several constructions (e.g. resultative constructions, conative constructions, middle constructions, double-object constructions, and so forth). Since one of the central tenets of cognitive linguistics is that language reflects the way we categorize and conceptualize the world (i.e. “construal” in Langacker’s Cognitive Grammar), we will look at new analyses of constructions within the cognitive framework and contrast English constructions and Japanese (and Czech) constructions as part of a cognition-based linguistic typology (how Czech is located in this typology would be a good research question). The typological discourse will be based on two modes of cognition: I-mode and D-mode of cognition, which are closely related to “subjectivity” of language. These two modes of cognition also allow us to investigate the evolution of language from the cognitive perspective.

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Začátek události
4. 10. 2017 10:00 - 12:00
Místo konání
Celetná 20, Praha 1 (Zelená posluchárna)
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Konference a přednášky