Identity and Language Policies in Montenegro

Seminar of General and Comparative History cordially invites to the lecture „Identity and Language Policies in Montenegro“ – Sofiya Zahova PhD, assistant professor and post-doctoral researcher at the Balkan Ethnology Department, Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Studies (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences).

The lecture provides an overview of the Montenegrin state policies in the field of identity and language prior and after 2006 independence. It continues with overview of the language policies related to Montenegrin language standardization and its introduction in the state and educational institutions, but also with analysis of language policies impact on citizens’ identities. Finally, the political debates on the status of the Serbian and Montenegrin language in the system of primary education and the issue on the status of Serbs as a minority in Montenegro are examined.

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27. 5. 2015 17:00 - 19:00
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nám. Jana Palacha 2, Praha 1 (CU FA, room no. 203)
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ÚSD - Erasmus Mundus TEMA
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