Our HiStories – International Evening for History Students

Do you study history? Or are you just interested in the related topics? Would you like to meet students from different countries and share your views on the past? Then you should definitely join the international evening for history students brought to you by the Students of History Association of the Faculty of Arts, also known as FFabula.

This event aims at creating an informal environment where local and international students of Charles University (including those on Erasmus) could meet and share their views on history at large.

What should you expect? An initial get-together, a short presentation on an interesting topic (for instance: historical myths, national traumas, taboos and controversies in the countries of our origin) held in English by one of us, discussion and, last but not least, an open conversation in a pub or café nearby afterwards.

The first session is on Monday, 17 October, 7 PM, at the Faculty of Arts, room P104. Everybody is welcome to join!

More about us: http://www.ffabula.cz/en/

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Začátek události
17. 10. 2016 19:00
Místo konání
nám. Jana Palacha 2, Praha 1 (Faculty of Arts, P104)
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Spolek studentů historie FF UK (Students of History Association)
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