Why Balkan Peoples are Bloodthirsty and Warlike?

Přednášku Why Balkan Peoples are Bloodthirsty and Warlike? přednese ve čtvrtek 28. dubna od 10.50 prof. dr. Božidar Jezernik (Department Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology, University of Ljubljana).

Lecture Abstract:
Before the Balkan Peninsula got its present name, its Western visitors were frequently amazed by its multiculturalism and religious tolerance. However, this changed dramatically after the Berlin Congress in, 1878, which recognised Serbia, Montenegro, and Romania as independent states. As soon as the Ottomans left, Europeanisation became the order of the day and the old Balkan spirit died. In the process, mythology replaced history; tolerance and multiculturalism were its first victims.

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28. 4. 2016 10:50 - 12:30
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Celetná 20, Praha 1 (místnost 306)
Ústav etnologie FF UK
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