Anastasia A. Guryeva: New elements and ancient roots: specifics of musical gasa in Late Joseon

The lecture will explain main specifics of a new type of gasa literature formed within the classical gasa genre framework in Late Joseon period, i.e. musical gasa. Closely interrelated with sijo, japka, minyo, with hansi, and comprising principle traits of Late Joseon vernacular poetry, these texts may serve a good model of a poetic phenomenon of the time and demonstrate the steady shift from classical to modern literature. Along with the overview of this type of poetry, its history, classification etc., we will take a closer look at some representative texts. Basing on the detailed textual analysis the lecturer will trace such specifics of the poems as imagery, time and space models, Chinese borrowed element usage, etc. with a special attention to the aspect of the genre transformation – the main trend in the history of Late Joseon literature. This will be done through examining traditional and new elements, some deeply rooted in ancient times. Beyond the literature realm, the poems will bring us to such issues as an issue of taste, gender relationship, engagement of a ritual etc.

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30. 4. 2015 17:30 - 17:30
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nám. Jana Palacha 2, Praha 1 (CU FA, room no. 131 - the Great Auditorium)
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Seminář koreanistiky, ÚDLV
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