Acts of Justice, Public Events: World War II Criminals on Trial

This conference originates from the encounter of three projects: a Russian-French project on trials in the USSR (FMSH/RGNF), the micro-project of the Labex Création, Arts, Patrimoines ‘Images de la justice”, and the WW2CRIMESONTRIAL1943-1991 project supported by the French National Research Agency.

The conference will highlight the specificity of the publicized trials within the procedures conducted against criminals against humanity. By including the many professional and social actors who got involved and shaped the public, or publicized trials, we endeavour to question the notion of publicization. Such approach will enable to deal both with the political dimension of public trials and with the forms of mobilization of professional and social actors in the context of the Cold War…

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Partners: CEFRES, March Bloch Center, CERCEC, CEFR, GDR “CEM” and CERHEC
Time & Venue: 12-14 Octobre 2017, CEFRES, Prague
Language: English

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Začátek události
12. 10. 2017 9:00
Konec události
14. 10. 2017 14:00
Místo konání
Na Florenci 3, Praha 1 (CEFRES, building C, 3rd floor)
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CEFRES, March Bloch Center, CERCEC, CEFR, GDR “CEM” and CERHEC
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Konference a přednášky