Overdue fines payment

Cashless bank transfer fines payment

You may pay fines by transferring the amount owed to the following account

Account number 85631011/0100
Variable Symbol 871001
Specific Symbol Your Student ID number (find below your photograph on the ISIC)
Message for recipient First name and Surname; name of the library that the fine belongs to 

From the April 1st 2018 there is only one common variable symbol for the each library of the Faculty of Arts – 871001. It is necessary to include the name of the library the fine belongs to in order to facilitate processing fine payment and unblock your patron’s account.

Overdue fines payment in the libraries (cash)

From April 1st 2018 It will be possible to pay overdue fines in cash only in the following libraries:

main building (Jan Palach sq. 2)

  • Knihovna Jana Palacha
  • Cabinet of History
  • Library of English and Romance Studies
  • Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies Library

Celetná 20 building

  • Celetná Library
  • Department of Ethnology Library

Hybernská 3 building

  • Sporck Palace Library