Bank transfer payment

You may pay fines by transferring the amount owed to the following account

Account number 85631011/0100
Variable Symbol See below the list of libraries at the Faculty of Arts and choose the one where you have a debt – each library has a unique variable symbol
Specific Symbol Your Student ID number (find below your photograph on the ISIC)
Message for recipient First name and Surname

In case you need to pay amount owed in various libraries of the Faculty of Arts, always make sure to complete variable symbol of the corresponding library.
You should first return the book and then pay the debt.

The list of variable symbols of each Library


English studies (ÚALK, ÚAJD) 871450
Archaeology ÚPRAV 871240
Near Eastern and African Studies ÚBVA 871350
Far East studies (ÚDlV) 871380
Art History 871220
Egyptology 871710
Aesthetics 871280
Ethnology 871340
Philosophy and Religious Studies (ÚFAR) 871110
Phonetics 871215
German Studies 871460
History 871170
Hungarian studies 871230
Musicology 871330
Indology 871355
Classical Archaeology (ÚKAR) 871325
Celetná Library 871230
Jan Palach Library 871001
Šporkův palác Library 871260
Logic 871120
Romance studies 871450
Romani studies 871230
Greek and Latin Studies ÚŘLS 871320
Theoretical and computational linguistics 871720