praxis fotky 1Philosophy is an essential area of knowledge. Apart from his or her subject, every student at the Faculty of Arts has to take philosophy courses. This was one of the main incentives to establish a student association that would open up the field of philosophy to other students at the faculty, so that they would not perceive philosophy as some “necessary evil” they have to go through during their studies.

The student association Praxis was founded at the Faculty of Arts in the autumn of 2015. Despite its very short existence, the association has already organized many successful events. One of the main intentions of the association is to popularize philosophy among the students and the public, and to provide a platform for communication between them. Its aim is also to establish dialogue with other student associations and to cooperate. The association Praxis organizes discussions on philosophical topics, social events for students of the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, presentations of new philosophical literature etc.

For photos and information about future events, visit our Facebook page.

 praxis fotky