Institute of Czech Studies

IMG_5138Research at the Institute of Czech Studies focuses mainly on language teaching methodology and description, together with presentation of Czech language, literature and culture to speakers of other languages.

The Institute of Czech Studies organizes the prestigious Summer School of Slavonic Studies (in 2016 it will be the 60th year) as well as notable international symposia on teaching Czech abroad. The staff members are authors of diverse teaching materials as well as scholarly texts, they take part in prominent Czech and foreign grant projects, e.g. parallel corpuses InterCorp; WirLab 2 – Online Reading and Writing; Czech in Aphasia: Four Experiments; Expert; Language Acquisition (L2 acquisition) of Russian Native Speakers in Czech vs. German Language Environments; Czech Language Teaching Methods and Certificates for Foreigners; Innovations of Czech as a Second Language Study Programme. In 2014 the Institute of Czech Studies received a Silver Medal from the Rector of Comenius University in Bratislava for the long-term cooperation with SAS (Studia Academica Slovaca).

IMG_6368In 2013-2014 staff members of the Institute were part of the research team of the project Increasing the difficulty of Czech language test for claimers of permanent residence to A2 level (project number 3016) and Czech Language Teaching Methods and Certificates for Foreigners (project number 3006) in cooperation with National Institute for Education.

In 2014-2016 term, staff members participate in the international project WRILAB2 (Online Reading and Writing Laboratory for Czech, German, Italian and Slovenian as L2) which is a part of the EU LLP (Lifelong Learning Programme). The aim of this programme is to create free interactive teaching/learning materials in Moodle in the four languages of the project for B1-C1 level based on CEFR. More information is available at project’s website.