Department of Translation Studies


The Department of Translation Studies is the only academic institution in the Czech Republic with systematic teaching and research activities in translation studies, a relatively new interdisciplinary field. The staff specialise in the theory, methodology and teaching of translation and interpreting, while working towards creating relevant teaching and translation aids, publishing academic works, organising educational and academic events on the national and international level, and researching the status of the translation and interpreting professions in Czech society. The Department is composed of three research fields: Translation Theory and Teaching, Interpreting Theory and Teaching, Translation History.

Project Profiles

In the recent past, the Department was involved in several national projects: the Prague-Adaptability Operational Programme aimed at innovating and developing the translation/interpreting degree programmes, a series of projects devoted to translation/interpreting between Czech and Romani, a project on sustainable employability of translation/interpreting graduates, and several development projects focusing on the teaching of computer-aided translation, legal translation, and literary translation. Internationally, the Department is a member of two prestigious networks: EMT (European Master’s in Translation) and EMCI (European Masters in Conference Interpreting). It has also participated in the OPTIMALE project (Optimising Professional Translator Training in a Multilingual Europe).

Lost_in_TranslationMajor Publication Projects

The Department publishes two journals: Translatologica Pragensia and Folia Translatologica. Proceedings from international conferences on translation and interpreting have been published by the leading academic publisher John Benjamins since the mid-1990s. The English translation of J. Levý’s seminal work The Art of Translation (translated by P. Corness, with a foreword by Z. Jettmarová) was published by John Benjamins in 2011. A series of five textbooks on translation was published under the Prague-Adaptability Operational Programme. The 2012 book Slovo za slovem. S překladateli o překládání (Word by Word: Translators on Translating) is a collection of life stories told by the oldest generation of Czech literary translators. In 2015, the Czech translation of S. Silverstein’s Light in the Attic (translated by L. Novák, S. Rubáš and Z. Šťastná) was awarded the prestigious Magnesia Litera Prize.


National and International Partner Institutions

The Department is a partner to a number of international organisations in the translation and interpreting professions including, most notably, FIT (International Federation of Translators), of which the Department is an associate member, and AIIC (International Association of Conference Interpreters). The Department is proud to cooperate with the European Union institutions: the European Parliament and, most notably, the European Commission (Directorate-General for Translation and Directorate-General for Interpreting). Within the EMT and EMCI networks, we cooperate with a number of European universities, and on a national basis, we develop joint activities with the Union of Interpreters and Translators (JTP).

Major Conferences and Events

The Department regularly hosts International Conferences in Translation and Interpreting Studies. The last edition of this conference series, called Czech, Slovak and Polish Structuralist Traditions in the Translation Studies Paradigm Today, was held in 2013 to mark the 50th anniversary of the founding of Czech translation studies.

Recent Achievements

In 2014, the Department of Translation Studies became a member of the prestigious European Master’s in Translation (EMT) Network.

The Department has launched a new Translation Studies Ph.D. programme in French and English.