Department of Central European Studies

kses-pl-07The Department of Central European Studies (DCES) is devoted to area studies with an emphasis on language and culture. We carry our research on the polities of East-Central Europe and on Roma communities within and beyond this region. From a disciplinary point of view, our research lies mostly in linguistics, literary studies and history. The topics that we approach from these perspectives include:


  • Czech-Slovak relations
  • relations between Central European languages and literatures
  • linguistic and cultural diversity
  • formation of national identities
  • national minorities and migration
  • media discourse and media representations
  • translation


Some members of the DCES, particularly its Roma Studies section, work also in the field of cultural and linguistic anthropology, researching the phenomenon of language shift, socialization of the Roma, interethnic communication, post-war history of the Roma and other issues.

Major Research Projects

  • Migration of Roma from the Czech and Slovak Republics to Great Britain and Canada (project supported by Czech Science Foundation, 2015–2017)
  • Formation and Development of National Identities in the Central European Area in the 19th and 20th centuries (university research plan, 2012–2016)
  • Current Language Planning Situation and Practice in Belarus (project supported by Czech Science Foundation, 2014–2016)
  • Language Management in Linguistic Situations (university research plan, 2012–2016)


Publication Activities

DCES members participate in the editorial boards of several academic journals. They are the main editors of the peer-reviewed Roma studies journal Romano Džaniben and the book series Jazyk, společnost, interakce (Language, Society and Interaction), published with the Nakladatelství Lidové noviny. Our major book-length publications include Slovak and Czech in Contact (in Slovak) by Mira Nábělková and Creative Translation in Teaching in the Polish-Czech Case (in Czech) by Michala Benešová, Renata Rusin-Dybalska and Lucie Zakopalová.


Members of our academic staff participate in the Faculty of Arts’ Prague Centre of Jewish Studies and Charles University’s Centre for Collective Memory Research. The department is involved in diverse international collaborations, such as with the Plurilingualism Research Unit at Karl Franzens University of Graz, University of Manchester, University of Helsinki, Jagellonian University of Cracow, and others.

Major Conferences and Events

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