Wifi Connection


The EDUROAM wireless network is a university and scientific network to which students and staff of most European universities and research centres can connect using the login data they get at their home university.

The login data can be set up using:

– a user account in the Jinonice domain under “Password for EDUROAM” (especially for CUFA staff),

– a user account in the Central Authentication Service in the “Other Accounts” section under the “Set up password for Eduroam realm cuni.cz” bookmark (especially for CUFA students).

Instructions for connecting to the EDUROAM WiFi network

Notebook connection to the faculty network is a service provided to the whole Charles University, Prague, academic community.

Frequently asked questions:

I am unable to set up an Eduroam connection

Read carefully the above instructions for your operating system, which has been tested and works for many other users.

It is the duty of IT Support to supervise the operations of the system and deal with problems relating to connection of notebooks and equipment belonging to the CUFA.

Private notebooks and other equipment with a WiFi adapter must be set up for Eduroam connection by the individual user; IT Support is not obliged to deal with any problem relating to the connection of privately owned equipment.

Is it possible to connect to the UK-SIMPLE network?

The wireless UK-SIMPLE network is now used only for the purpose of setting up EDUROAM (downloading of the security certificate etc.). From 1 December 2010 it has not been possible to connect to the internet using UK-SIMPLE due to the low level of security of the network; UK-SIMPLE only allows browsing cuni.cz addresses.

I cannot send emails from my account (SMTP server).

Most mail server operators limit the option of sending emails to reduce SPAM (unrequested advertisements). You will have to look into the instructions provided by your mail provider to set up the SMTP server (outgoing mail server).

The signal is weak in the room where I work.

Most of the corridors of the main CUFA building are covered by the wireless network, as well as some of the rooms in Celetná and in Spork Palace (Hybernská). If there is no signal in the room where you are work, you may send an email to lvt@ff.cuni.cz to take the site into account during future improvements of coverage. It is not however possible to promise any exact date.

Who can use the Wifi connection at the CUFA?

The wireless connection to the network at the CUFA can be used by all the staff, members of the academic community of CU or other university or research institution involved in the Eduroam project.

My login and password do not work.

The Eduroam login and password can be set up by the Central Authentication Service