Student Computer Labs


Where are they?



Main building – CUFA library – CeSIS

The reading room is open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Hybernská 3 (the attic)

The lab is open only when staff is present, usually Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Celetná 13

CUFA students may use the computers available at the CUFA Information and Advisory Centre.

Celetná 20

Several PCs are available in the psychology and socio-cultural sciences library.


Students may use several large computer labs on the second floor of building B.

Information for users of CUFA computer labs

The labs are managed by CUFA IT Support; any comments on operations should be sent to IT Support (, telephone: 221 619 348/358).

Therefore all users must have an active account set by CAS. Please remember that your account will be cancelled within one month of the date of your final exam and save all your data in time. If you continue as a doctoral student, your account will be opened anew.

The accounts of all other students (PGS, LLL, foreign students) will be opened on presentation of a document confirming their status as students. The accounts are generated overnight; the account will be operational the day following registration.

The account is strictly private: any unauthorised access will result in the immediate blocking of the account – see `sanctions’. Logging in of users is monitored.

The Rules

Every user will have available disk space: the home directory is attached as disk H. Data stored on a local disk are erased on log-off.

Workstations may not be locked for longer than 5 minutes. Lab room staff are authorised to unlock the workstation.

Playing computer games is not allowed in the lab, including web interface games.

Eating and drinking is not allowed while working at computers in the lab.

Technical support: There is a person on duty in the labs, who will help you to deal with any problems.

Software: SW installed in the labs: Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, Mozila Firefox, IrfanView image viewer, Norton Antivirus, VLC, Adobe Acrobat Reader, DVD burner.

Sanctions: Users who break these rules will have their account blocked for 1 week to 1 month, depending on the gravity of the breach. Repeated or severe violation of the rules will be reported to the CUFA disciplinary board.


There is a person on duty in every computer lab that can issue passwords to user accounts and help with the use of applications according to his/her ability. In cases when the person on duty does not perform his/her obligations, students or employees may report this to IT Support (tel. 221 619 348 or ).