Staff Email Accounts



The domain accounts for staff users of Faculty of Arts and Philosophy are created only by local IT department (LVT).

Users have to fulfill the following conditions:

  • To have CU ID card – you have to visit one of the issuing centres

  • To have verified password for Charles University Central Authentication Service (you will get your username and password together with your identity card; the password must be changed within 10 days)



Standard email address:

Your mail is waiting in Outlook; you will find the icon on the desktop. If your email is not set up correctly, contact IT Support (LVT).

You can access your mail in any of the following ways:

  • Directly from your computer at the Faculty through the Outlook icon

  • Through the web interface at (login with and you FACU password – Note!: Although you log to FACU computers only with your username without, to log to email web interface you need to append to your username!!)

  • From your notebook or home computer connected with the MS Exchange server through MS Outlook

  • Through other mail clients using the imap4 protocol (see configuration on the IT Support webpage; it is not the duty of IT Support to configure this protocol)


Rerouting electronic mail:

Rerouting emails to another address (in the web browser)