IT support responsibilities


CUFA IT Support is in charge of all the PCs and other IT technology owned by the CUFA as well as the computer network in the main building and in Spork Palace. The networks in Celetná and Jinonice as well as the computer labs on the Jinonice premises are administered by the CUCC.


IT Support is in charge of, especially:

  • administration of servers

  • administration of network – routers, switches and access points (wifi)

  • administration of labs in the main building and Spork Palace;

  • administration of of MyQ print queue;

  • HW and SW installation and maintenance at the CUFA

  • administration of CUFA Whois database node;

  • HW and SW problem solving user support for Dean’s Office and academic staff;

  • IT procurement.

IT Support participates in:

  • planning strategies and IT development at the CUFA.

Consult IT Support:

  • prior to purchasing information technology,

  • when choosing software, both commercial and Open Source,

  • when developing www pages,

  • in case of problems with IT,

  • when you need to connect new terminals to the network.