Information for Newly Enrolled Students



To get access to the information system it is first of all necessary to collect your student identity card at one of the issuing centres.

Together with your student identity card you will get your username and password from the Central Authentication Service, which you can use to get access to the Student Information System, libraries etc. This password MUST BE CHANGED WITHIN 10 DAYS FROM THE DATE ON WHICH IT WAS ISSUED at the address of the Central Authentication Service (see “My password”).

After logging into this address you will see your username.

You can also set your password for the Eduroam WIFI network – left menu “Other accounts” – “Set password for eduroam…”

If you have a problem logging into your account, contact computer lab staff. Approach IT Support only when the people working in the computer lab are unable to help you.

First year students who are already CUFA students will have their valid account available – their login and password does not change.

Your student account will allow you to use:

  • Computer labs.

  • SafeQ applications to manage and monitor your printing and copying tasks.

  • Eduroam – to connect your private notebook at the CUFA wifi network.

Password rules: the password must contain at least 8 characters in mixed case and numbers; it may not contain your name or surname. It is preferable not to use diacritics, vowel mutations and special symbols –passwords with such features are not able to access certain services.