Dear users of the CUFA network,

This page has been designed to help you deal with the most common IT issues. If you are afraid you might spoil something, or if you prefer IT Support to intervene, we will, of course, be at your service.

If there is any sphere that we do not deal with that you consider important, please write to us at: — lvt@ff.cuni.cz.

The problems and inquiries listed below are frequently sent to, and dealt with by IT Support and CUCC. They relate to the network, IT technology and applications used and operated at the CUFA (main building, Celetná, Hybernská and Jinonice). CUFA IT Support is not responsible for electronic mail that it does not operate on its server. CUFA IT Support does not operate the whole internet, only the faculty server (anything starting with http://www.ff.cuni.cz, http://info.ff.cuni.cz, http://prijimacky.ff.cuni.cz, http://mail.ff.cuni.cz, http://senat.ff.cuni.cz) and provides internet connection in the main building and Spork Palace.


FAQThe system refuses to log me in, saying Login incorrect. If you are sure that you had entered the correct password, check whether the NumLock is switched on and whether you are using the right Czech or English keyboard and whether the last line in the login dialogue box says Jinonice. If all this does not help, contact IT Support or the person on duty in the computer lab.

FAQ – Is it possible to connect to the faculty network from home?

Connect to the faculty network through VPN.


Electronic mail

FAQ –I cannot access my account. The system says “login incorrect”or “account is disabled”.

If you had entered your login and password correctly, then your password has either expired or your account has been blocked. In both cases IT Support will restore your account. No messages will be lost – the server will store them.

FAQ—Some attachments cannot be delivered.

If a message is returned to the sender, the reason why the message could not be delivered is always given:

Size of the attachment –must not exceed 10 MB

Type of attachment – must not be an executable file – exe, vbs, pif…

FAQ –Where do I find @ on a Czech keyboard?

Use shortcut Alt+64 (numbers on the numerical keyboard).

FAQ –Can I send an email to all CUFA students?

No. Academic network rules do not allow distribution of unsolicited mail.

FAQ –I receive unsolicited mail. Can I do something about it?

Mail is filtered at CUFA by VirusFree; only a minimum of unsolicited emails will get to your account. If you still think that the amount of spam is too large, contact IT Support. Never respond to emails that ask for the disclosure of any private or login data.


FAQ – The computer did not switch off and it does not respond when pressing Power.

If you hold the Power button for about 5 seconds, the computer will switch off. If this problem occurs frequently, contact IT Support.

FAQ –We want to connect new equipment to the computer (printer, scanner…)

You must leave the purchase up to IT Support. Just inform us of the required equipment and how much money can be used for the purchase.

Inquiries addressed to the webmaster

FAQ – I am searching for the address of a FACU employee.

You will find the contact data of full-time CUFA staff on the CUFA home page. Fill in a part of the name (it can be without diacritics) into the search box and click on people search. Information on external staff is posted on the home pages of the constituent components of the CUFA.