Department of General History

The Department of General History covers general history from the early Middle Ages until the present day, with a special focus on European history in the world context. Our academic staff specialize in political, economic, social and cultural history of various regions and states in and outside Europe, making the Department the only academic institution in the Czech Republic with such a wide spectrum of specializations.

The Department is composed of four seminars – Medieval History, Modern History, Contemporary History, and General and Comparative History. Members of the Medieval History Seminar specialize in the medieval civilizations of the Latin West and the Greek Orthodox East as well as medieval religious history; research in the Modern History Seminar revolves around the history of international relations and diplomacy between 1500–1914/18; the Contemporary History Seminar investigates international relations in the 20th and 21st centuries, transatlantic relations and the European integration process; the main aim of the General and Comparative History Seminar is the research and teaching comparative history in the early modern and modern periods.

Our Department provides international M.A. study programme Tema – Erasmus Mundus European Societies: Identity and Development, and participates in the international Ph.D. study programme TEEME – Text and Event in Early Modern Europe. Some of its members gained the prestigious Fulbright or Alexander von Humbold-Stifftung scholarships.

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  • prof. PhDr. Václav Horčička, Ph.D.

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  • doc. PhDr. Václav Drška, Ph.D.

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  • PhDr. Jaroslav Valkoun

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