Department of English Language and ELT Methodology

The Department of English Language and ELT Methodology is a modern, highly qualified and competent staff that successfully handle both teaching and research and manage to preserve the Dpt’s identity deriving from the Prague School of Linguistics tradition while integrated within the contemporary trends in linguistics and language teaching. On the teaching side the Dpt offers traditional core courses on morphology, syntax, lexicology, historical linguistics and teaching methodology as well as those on text, discourse and corpus studies at the BA, MA and doctoral levels.
Research at the Department of English Language and ELT Methodology covers most of the areas and aspects of English, and all our projects together aspire to provide a coherent and comprehensive synchronic and diachronic description of the language. In addition to basic disciplines (morphology and syntax), research interests revolve around lexicology and textual communication disciplines (linguistic stylistics, pragmatics, discourse analysis). The underlying principle of our research is to apply a consistently contrastive view of English versus Czech and to simultaneously cultivate the linguistic and philological arms of research and instruction. A feature, unique in the Czech Republic, of the research carried out at the Department is the close link between synchronic description and language analysis, and diachronic and historical approaches.

  • Location

  • nám. Jana Palacha 2

  • 116 38 Prague 1

  • 1st floor, room 105

  • Mailing Address

  • nám. Jana Palacha 2

  • 116 38 Prague 1

  • Head

  • PhDr. Pavlína Šaldová, Ph.D.

  • Deputy

  • Mgr. Ondřej Tichý, PhD.

  • Assistant

  • PhDr. Gabriela Brůhová, Ph.D.

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  • Tel.: +420 221 619 277

  • Bc. Andrea Mudrová (office hours)