Faculty of Arts, main buildingThe Faculty of Arts of Charles University is currently one of the largest and most important scientific and educational institutions in the humanities in the Czech Republic, with close to one thousand employees (among them 57 professors). As one of the original four faculties of the University, founded in 1348 by Charles IV., it has been the intellectual centre of the kingdom of Bohemia and it retains this role to the present.

Students and researchers come to the Faculty of Arts to study and work in one of more than seventy subjects – larger number than the majority of comparable institutions in the world. While the University as such ranks among the upper 2% in the world, measured on the subject basis, the Faculty itself may in a number of disciplines rank among the first 100 in the world.

The scientific output of the Faculty, measured in the number of scientific monographs and articles, is larger than of any other institution in the humanities – which reflects both the quality of the scientific research of the Faculty and the level of tutoring offered to the students: both these factors are reflected in the steady number of applicants for the bachelor, master and doctoral study programmes. The Faculty attracts the most talented students from the Czech Republic and while the acceptance level is 27%, the highly selective approach is a necessary prerequisite to the more individual approach.


Every year, the Faculty hosts a number of scientific conferences and events of cultural significance (exhibitions, concerts, international meetings). The FA publishing house has doubled its output in the last years, earning awards for the quality of the work and is now competing with the largest academic publishers in the country, publishing original research in several languages.


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