Social Screenings: Ways of Seeing, John Berger – Part 1 (1972)

Berger offers a master-class in how to interpret images through a historical materialist lens. Famously, he did so in an extremely accessible, enjoyable way; for Berger, being able to expose the ideologies and the history of class struggles which shape ideology was a practical tool, and one that had to be available to the masses if it is to serve them.

We will watch episodes 1 & 2 which are each 30 minutes long.

Episode 1: Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction
Episode 2: A critical look at the female nude

The episodes will be screened in English, with English subtitles. There will be an informal discussion after the episodes.


Event detail

Event start
17. 11. 2020 19:00
Hybernská 4, Campus Hybernská, Building B - Theatre 1B
Organizing Institution
Campus Hybernská + D-Zóna
Event type
Film screening
Social Screenings