Slovenian night at Prague Microfestival

Saturday night of Prague Microfestival will caress every curious soul who seeks the advent of the Slovenian literary heavyweights!

The evening entirely devoted to Slovenian literature will kick off with readings from five contemporary authors: Katja Gorečan, Andrej Hočevar, Gregor Podlogar, Boris A. Novak and Alenka Jensterle Doležal.

Followed by an exciting list of young Slovenian authors present us their poetry, such as Vid Bešter, Kaja Blazinšek, Bine Debeljak, Lukas Debeljak, Jure Kapun, Aljaž Koprivnikar, Julija Ovsec, Katarina Ana Rakušček, Gaja Naja Rojec and Veronika Šoster.

A variety of artistic projects will furthermore accompany the featured poetry: visual poetry will be elucidated with the project Poetry in motion by the Slovenian organization KUD Liber and Videopoetry Ars Libris of Slovenian organizations MKC Črka. Moreover Slovenian art and graphic artists are going to be showcased on the festival and thanks to the donation of the Slovene publishing houses LUD Literatura and Centre for Slovenian Literature Slovenian books will be offered as well.

And that is not even all! Slovenian night PMF will be concluded by the Slovenian DJ from Indie Disco musical group Belo smetje (White trash), you can check it out here:

The evening takes place in cooperation with the Slovenian Embassy in Prague, the Association of students of Comparative Literature, Faculty of Arts University of Ljubljana and different Slovenian organizations such as KUD Liber, MKC Črka, LUD Literatura, Centre for Slovenian Literature and many others.

Event detail

Event start
14. 5. 2016 18:00
Národní třída 11, Prague 1 (Nová Vzorkovna)
Organizing Institution
Spolek pro Prahu literární - Literary Prague Association
Event type