Prof. Michael Rosen (Harvard University): Why Does Philosophy Have a History?


Quine is supposed to have said that two sorts of people are drawn to the study of philosophy: those interested in the history of philosophy and those interested in philosophy. Yet the history of philosophy is itself a philosophical problem – in fact, one of its deepest – for it challenges the very idea that philosophy is rational. Can the challenge be met? What sort of a history does philosophy have – and what sort of a history ought it to have?

Before the lecture, prof. Rosen will be awarded the Charles University memorial medal for supporting free development of Czech philosophy and culture under the communist regime..

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Event start
22. 2. 2018 17:00
nám. Jana Palacha 2, Prague 1 (room 217, Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies)
Organizing Institution
Centre for Political Philosophy, Ethics and Religion CUFA; Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies CUFA
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