Prof. Akio Takahara (University of Tokyo): China’s External Policies under Xi Jinping: A Japanese Perspective

The Department of East Asian Studies, Faculty of Arts, Charles University, is happy to invite you to a special guest lecture: Prof. Akio Takahara (University of Tokyo) – China’s External Policies under Xi Jinping: A Japanese  Perspective.

In actively pursuing China’s national interests Xi Jinping has advocated establishing a New Model of Major Country Relations with the United States and proposed the One Belt, One Road initiative for linking the East Asian Economies and the European Economies at the two ends of the Eurasian Continent. However, what casts a cloud over these diplomatic and developmental initiatives is the rise in China’s actions in the East and the South China Seas and its cautious approach towards infrastructure projects. Takahara analyses such development of China’s external policies under Xi Jingping and identifies four factors in its relations with Japan, including the crucially important internal politics of China.

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25. 1. 2017 10:00 - 11:30
Faculty of Arts, Celetna 20, Prague 1 (Green Room)
Organizing Institution
Department of East Asian Studies
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