Prague German Studies Conference PRAGESTT

We invite you to the 8th annual German studies conference PRAGESTT, which is held on 23th and 24th March 2018 in the main building of the Faculty of Arts on náměstí Jana Palacha. This student conference offers an opportunity for fellow students from various European universities to present their research in the fields of German language and literature, translation studies and didactics. This year, 43 participants from 12 European countries and 28 universities will be presenting. The papers are divided in 14 themed groups. The conference language is German. You are very welcome to the conference and to the opening lecture, held by prof. Stefan Newerkla from the University of Vienna on the 23th March at 9.00 in room 300.

Event detail

Event start
23. 3. 2018 8:00
Konec události
24. 3. 2018 19:00
Faculty of Arts, main building, rooms P300, P301 a P317
Organizing Institution
students of Institute of German Languages
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