Isidora Stojanović: Some Reflections on Valence in Aesthetic Judgments

The Department of Aesthetics sincerely invites you to an online lecture “Some Reflections on Valence in Aesthetic Judgments” by Isidora Stojanović (Institut Jean-Nicod, Paris, France) which will take place on Thursday at 6PM via Zoom:



Adjectives such as ‘harrowing’, ‘disturbing’, ‘terrifying’ and ‘shocking’ have a negative valence, at least looking from a lexical point of view; they express emotions and experiences that are considered to be negative. Nevertheless, when used to assess works of aesthetics (in particular, in literature, film, and theatre), they typically express positive evaluations. In this talk, I will explore several mechanisms in which negatively valenced terms can give expression to positive evaluations, and discuss the implications for the semantics and pragmatics of aesthetic discourse.


The lecture is organized by dr. Tereza Hadravová from the Department of Aesthetics.

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Event start
20. 5. 2021 18:00
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Tereza Hadravová from the Aesthetics Department
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