European March For Refugee Rights

On 27 February 2016, citizens of Europe shall meet in order to support humanity when facing the suffering of many refugees. We do not want people to pay smugglers and then die at sea and suffer in the cold. We want to welcome them in our countries and offer them shelter. We want Europe to stay open and not to hinder the passage of people in distress.

It is our moral duty to open our borders to those who are in need. We join the pan-European march #safepasssage and we call on governments to secure safe passage for war refugees.

We shall march from Old Town Square to Kampa. The event shall start with speeches by several people who have been personally affected by the war in Syria. We hope that their voice and our support will help to awaken our society from indifference.

Event detail

Event start
27. 2. 2016 11:00
Old Town Square
Organizing Institution
Students for Solidarity
Event type